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Document Library Read Access

Posted by sharepoinTony on September 12, 2009

A user reports that they cannot see any files in a document library.  They have Read access, what is going on?  Yep, there are files in the library.  Here is the nitty gritty:

No ERROR will display, however a user with Read access to a document library (or folder or specific files depending on how permissions are enabled and if inheritance is broken) may not be able to see files in the library/folder.
If a Library has Versioning turned on, then by default files that are uploaded are marked as Draft’s.  Also by default people with Read access cannot see Draft documents.

Resolution options:

  1. Turn Versioning off if it is not really needed for that library.
  2. Change the versioning settings to allow draft’s to be seen by Readers.
  3. Approve the draft document.

Additional Info about versions in SharePoint Document Libraries:

Versioning On – If approvals are setup, then a draft can be Approved and become visible to people with Read access – even if the versioning setting to view drafts is not set for readers.

When in the Versioning Settings screen for a Document Library, follow the link “Learn about specifying who can view and edit drafts” in the Draft Item Security section to learn more about these settings and how the permissions are impacted.

When content approval is required:

  • You can specify whether files that are pending approval can be viewed by people with permission to read, people with permission to edit, or only the author and people with permission to approve items.
  • If both major and minor versions are being tracked, the author must publish a major version before the file can be submitted for approval.
  • When content approval is required, people who have permission to read content but do not have permission to see draft items will see the last approved or major version of the file.

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