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Daily Twitter Newspapers

Posted by sharepoinTony on July 22, 2010

Some creative folks are compiling twitter feeds into a newspaper format on a daily basis. These papers capture twitter streams that have links and group them onto the page. The streams are from the previous day, but a ‘live twitter stream” is presented on the page – it seems to scramble everything over the past 24 hours and present it in that section.
Here are some of the Daily papers related to SharePoint:

#SharePoint2010 hastag stream:

#SharePoint hastag stream:

Laura Rogers Daily:

and your’s truly:

There may be other great ones out there, I just haven’t found ’em yet. Let me know if you find an interesting Daily paper related to SharePoint.


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Handy Twitter Tools

Posted by sharepoinTony on November 13, 2009

Oddball post, but hey it is my blog so I can do what I want! ha!
Here are some handy twitter tools –

First the good ol hashtag (#) – for SharePoint people search #sharepoint, #moss, SPSaturday and watch for postings on conferences etc. such as #spc09
Look at Trends to find other hashtags or words you may want to follow.

Other Tools
99 twitter tools from Smashing Magazine

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