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What it was like NOT going to SPC09

Posted by sharepoinTony on October 23, 2009

Although there was a huge turn-out for the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009 in Las Vegas this week, there were lots of us who didn’t attend.  Many reasons for that I am sure, mine was simply work schedule conflicts.

Before the conference I was depressed knowing I couldn’t go to Vegas.  All of the twitter, email, and blog buzz made it The Place To Be this week of October.  SharePoint MVP’s, notable authors and bloggers, as well as all of the “cool” SharePoint vendors were going to be there.  How could I not be bummed?

With the Live Blogging and Twitter hash tag for the conference (#SPC09), I felt better knowing I could keep up and learn a bit about what was going on at the conference.  The conference site also presented video feeds – at least for the Keynote, which lasted several hours.  Other highlight videos were made available as well.

As it turned out many attendees posted photos and videos as well as blogged and twittered about the conference.  As I started following things it quickly became apparent that the massive amount of information coming out of this conference was overwhelming.  I had Twitter notifications from TweetDeck popping up constantly.  Not one notification but 6-9 at a time.  And by constantly, I mean less than a second in between.

The information was great, and there were so many folks that deserve commendations for posting such great material that I couldn’t even keep track of them all.  I hit more blogs and information sites this week than I have ever before (at least it felt like it).

The funny part was that while I had been bummed I couldn’t attend, I ended up having to shut down TweetDeck and stay away from the updates.  It was to much to keep up with and still get any work done.  I wanted to follow along and read up on everything, but it would take all day every day.  If I had that time I would have been in Vegas!

I will have to digest all the links I saved over time.  It appeared that people were going 20 hours a day there at SPC09, guess that is what happens in Las Vegas!

I  hope I can attend the next great conference.  Until then THANKS to all that posted so much, and know that while you got tired walking around to sessions – “we” got tired just trying to keep up with you online!


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