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Free PowerShell e-book

Posted by sharepoinTony on November 30, 2009

At the recent SharePoint Saturday in Phoenix Arizona, I learned about this free resource from Tom Wisnowski…

“Mastering PowerShell” by Dr. Tobias Weltner, PowerShell MVP is available for free download at   It is a 567 page PDF book.   There are lots of other resources on the site, check it out SharePoint admins.


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Handy Twitter Tools

Posted by sharepoinTony on November 13, 2009

Oddball post, but hey it is my blog so I can do what I want! ha!
Here are some handy twitter tools –

First the good ol hashtag (#) – for SharePoint people search #sharepoint, #moss, SPSaturday and watch for postings on conferences etc. such as #spc09
Look at Trends to find other hashtags or words you may want to follow.

Other Tools
99 twitter tools from Smashing Magazine

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What it was like NOT going to SPC09

Posted by sharepoinTony on October 23, 2009

Although there was a huge turn-out for the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009 in Las Vegas this week, there were lots of us who didn’t attend.  Many reasons for that I am sure, mine was simply work schedule conflicts.

Before the conference I was depressed knowing I couldn’t go to Vegas.  All of the twitter, email, and blog buzz made it The Place To Be this week of October.  SharePoint MVP’s, notable authors and bloggers, as well as all of the “cool” SharePoint vendors were going to be there.  How could I not be bummed?

With the Live Blogging and Twitter hash tag for the conference (#SPC09), I felt better knowing I could keep up and learn a bit about what was going on at the conference.  The conference site also presented video feeds – at least for the Keynote, which lasted several hours.  Other highlight videos were made available as well.

As it turned out many attendees posted photos and videos as well as blogged and twittered about the conference.  As I started following things it quickly became apparent that the massive amount of information coming out of this conference was overwhelming.  I had Twitter notifications from TweetDeck popping up constantly.  Not one notification but 6-9 at a time.  And by constantly, I mean less than a second in between.

The information was great, and there were so many folks that deserve commendations for posting such great material that I couldn’t even keep track of them all.  I hit more blogs and information sites this week than I have ever before (at least it felt like it).

The funny part was that while I had been bummed I couldn’t attend, I ended up having to shut down TweetDeck and stay away from the updates.  It was to much to keep up with and still get any work done.  I wanted to follow along and read up on everything, but it would take all day every day.  If I had that time I would have been in Vegas!

I will have to digest all the links I saved over time.  It appeared that people were going 20 hours a day there at SPC09, guess that is what happens in Las Vegas!

I  hope I can attend the next great conference.  Until then THANKS to all that posted so much, and know that while you got tired walking around to sessions – “we” got tired just trying to keep up with you online!

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Enabling e-mail in a Document Library

Posted by sharepoinTony on September 23, 2009

There are many reasons why you might want to e-mail enable a Document Library in SharePoint.  One of them could be simply because some manager doesn’t want to navigate to the library to upload a file.  Another, better reason is because they are traveling and want to post a document  on your Intranet without having to VPN into your network.  Regardless of the reason, the steps to make this happen are easy so let’s get started.

Step 1 – Know what you want

  • Do you want the documents to all go into the root library or into folders?
  • Do you want anyone in the world to post files to this library?
  • Will your e-mail system allow incoming email to route to SharePoint? (not sure, see references below)

I will assume you get those questions answered and are ready to go now.

Step 2 – Navigate to the Document Library you want to e-mail enable.  I will use “Shared Documents” for this example.

Step 3 – Select Settings > Document Library Settings

Select Document Library Settings from the Settings drop-down

Select Document Library Settings from the Settings drop-down

Step 4 – Select Incoming email settings from the Communications section of the Library Settings page

Select Incoming e-mail settings

Select Incoming e-mail settings

Step 5 – Enable Incoming e-mail

  • Allow the document library to receive e-mail – yep, that is why we are here.
  • Enter an e-mail name for users to send files to this library.  You may want to use some form of the document library name.  Since this is a test run for me, I used ‘testtony’ and plan to change it once I know it is working fine.  Note that the full email address contains “@sharepoint” dot your company domain.  This is something you may have to ensure your e-mail system will allow.  You also may have to setup a specific e-mail box and use that address here to allow it to work.  See the references at the end of this post.
  • Select the appropriate options for E-Mail Message, and Meeting Invitations (if you are not sure just say No, it is likely the best option).
  • Read the Caution under E-Mail Security and set the E-mail security policy.
Incoming E-mail Settings screen

Incoming E-mail Settings screen

Step 6 – Click OK and Test

Send an email to the address defined and see if it post to the Document Library.  In my case I am using the Subject line as the folder, so I am making sure that works by sending several emails with different subject lines/folder names.


Planning for Incoming E-Mail:

Reference this article for details on configuring your SharePoint SMTP services:

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User Group Topics 9/17/2009

Posted by sharepoinTony on September 15, 2009

The Southern California SharePoint User Group meeting for September is this Thursday 9/17.     The groups meets monthly in San Diego.

Topics for this month are:

“ESRI MapIT for SharePoint”


“SharePoint from a Project Manager’s View”

Details can be found on the SoCal SUG site (link above).

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SharePoint for Documentation

Posted by sharepoinTony on August 11, 2009

Recently read a Nice idea and article about using SharePoint for documentation.
This is a focused PRODUCT article, but the concept is intriguing. Someone else out there may find it useful also.
I am not 100% sold on the idea that people want to read product documentation on their mobile device. Most won’t read it at all, and trying to sort through it all on such a small screen seems masochistic to me. I am old school and prefer reading most things on paper, especially product documentation. I may want to browse and skip over areas, possibly returning later, to see what is there. I like to find interesting details and skip the legally required jibberish.
That said, other documentation may be handy online. Even on mobile. For example what if you are moving about and could use some specifics that you already know are in a certain document. It would be nice to be able to pull up that documentation and jump to the known section for the details you want.
Generally speaking I like putting documentation online, and I like the concept promoted by this product. I think it will take some time for this to catch on, but I hope it does.

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Case Study: MTV using SharePoint

Posted by sharepoinTony on July 7, 2009

Found this, thought it was interesting and wanted to share:

Case Study: MTV Networks International (MTV) (From TechTarget)
MTV’s Information Services and Technology (IS&T) department wanted to reduce the time that was wasted on manual processes. It chose Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. IS&T used the out-of-the-box workflow capabilities of SharePoint Server 2007 to improve departmental efficiencies by automating a paper-based process for new employees.

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SharePoint maybe it is Jerk

Posted by sharepoinTony on May 5, 2009

After reading about the SharePoint Knights today I felt that I didn’t want to get in the fray. I still don’t, but being the way I am I had to have fun with it all.

So it got me thinking.

Folks like me who are just chugging along working with SharePoint day in and day out have no moniker. I figure things out and try to share before rushing on to the next fire or urgent task. I find all kinds of “undocumented features” which cause problems for our environment…and some kind of work-around that will “do for now” for us.
Where do we fit in?
What is the SharePoint community for the average SharePointer?

We must be SharePoint Jack’s, all of us average SharePointers. Remember Simple Jack from the movie Tropic Thunder? That character seems to fit our persona, from the MVP’s and guru’s perspective. OK so I am Exaggerating (with the capital E)…hey I said I was having fun! But hey, we don’t get kudos for the valiant effort we do daily. We rarely get recognition for anything. We just work and get as much done as we can…and try really hard to improve things in our little world.

I won’t lump everyone else into this, I am the SharePoint Jack and probably a Jerk for blabbering on about this silly topic that has no real purpose. I guess I just had the thought pop into my head…and had to belch it out. You read it here first.

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SharePoint Governance

Posted by sharepoinTony on February 10, 2009

I am likely to write several blogs on this topic, bear with me.  The reason is simple, I am engaged in this topic daily.  Now on to some thoughts.

I recently read an article by Eric Landry which sparked some thought on this topic.  Eric does a great job outlining some critical factors in “achieving and sustaining” a SharePoint environment.

However, I wonder how many senior executives will change THEIR habits and actively sit on a steering committee.  How many will engage with and support subordinates tasked with developing the corporate governance model?  Remain engaged to support and enforce the governance model?  And how many will stick with the SharePoint implementation through arguments and dissenters who don’t want to change or are afraid of change?

If the answer is anything other than “every one of them” your SharePoint success will be limited at best.

I wonder how many of Mr. Landry’s readers can reply with that answer to my questions.  My cynical side cries out ‘not many’, but my pure-of-heart SharePoint side prays for answers of ‘most’.  I want SharePoint to succeed.  I have seen many technologies and initiatives go by the wayside not because they had faults beyond their benefits, but because ‘corporate America’ refused to engage fully.

Executives have busy schedules.  Executives are paid big bucks for their decisions.  Executives are not known for their willingness to change their own behavior.  Nor are they generally open to embrace something completely that they aren’t fully certain will result in success.  Selling executives on SharePoint, teaching SharePoint to executives, and painting a picture that allows executives to believe in SharePoint is what is needed.  Exactly how that is done in your environment I can’t say, but I thank Eric Landry for supplying us with one excellent weapon to use in this battle.

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