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Find Master Page applied to pages using SP Designer 2010

Posted by sharepoinTony on March 29, 2011

Recently, a very experienced developer commented that SharePoint Designer 2010 would not show what master page is applied, nor will it show you all of the available master pages.

That is FALSE!

Granted, SharePoint Designer 2010 has its limitations and hard-core devs will probably never “like” it (and I don’t mean on FB).  However SPD gets a bad rap – often just because people haven’t taken the time to learn the tool.    It CAN do all sorts of things and can make your life easier, if you choose to learn about it and use it.  OK, enough lecturing…on to meat of the matter.  This may not be the most ‘elegant’ method of acquiring this information, but it doesn’t hurt anything and it does work.

How to view the Master Page that is applied to a page

  1. Open SPD, Open your site
  2. Navigate to the Site Pages under Site Objects
  3. Select the aspx page in the main window and Right-Click and select Open With…
  4. Select SharePoint Designer (Open as text)
  5. Near the top of the code you will see “MasterPageFile=” – this lists the Master Page that is applied to this page


Obviously you can see the Master Pages by selecting “Master Pages” in the Navigation panel under Site Objects.


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SharePoint Saturday San Diego

Posted by sharepoinTony on September 29, 2010

Announcing SharePoint Saturday San Diego!

This event will be held on Feb 26th, 2011 at the San Diego Convention Center!

Registration is open

Join SharePoint architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft SharePoint for ‘SharePoint Saturday’.  SharePoint Saturday will be an educational, informative & lively day filled with sessions from respected SharePoint professionals & MVPs, covering a wide variety of SharePoint-orientated topics.  SharePoint Saturday is FREE, open to the public and is your local chance to immerse yourself in SharePoint!

Here are a few highlights for our event:

  • Over 40 sessions and 7 tracks…
  • MVPs and Experts from all over North America…
  • SharePint with attendees and speakers directly following..

Please save the date and register NOW!

The San Diego SharePoint Users Group (SanSPUG) is proud to host this event.  Follow SanSPUG on twitter or use the #SPSsan hashtag in your twitter search to stay informed about this event.  You can also find SANSPUG on LinkedIn and Facebook.  For more information about SharePoint Saturday see the SharePoint Saturday international home.

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What not to do – buying web parts

Posted by sharepoinTony on September 10, 2010

This is a message to business managers trying to solve problems using SharePoint.

First, good job using SharePoint!

Now, please DO look at the options available to you that will help you get things done or enrich your SharePoint environment.

Please DON’T puchase web parts without talking to your SharePoint Administrator, Specialist or whomever you have focused on SharePoint.

Why?  Well, here is a short story (which I will call a fairy tale) that should make my point.

Once upon a time there was a department looking for a more robust solution than was available in their OOTB SharePoint 2007 environment.  They happily danced around while looking for solutions and discovered a shiny web part package that was priced very well.  The joyful department manager purchased the package and gleefully notified the SharePoint Administrator of the wonderful find.  The glorious admin reviewed and installed the tool and went about configuring for the perfectly good solution for the happy department.

The happy department requested a meeting.  Before they start using this new dandy they want a few changes.  The excitement filled the air as the team listed requirements for their solution.  What’s this?  They want to change the columns used by the solution’s installed list.  They want the solution to use existing InfoPath forms.   Gee, that seems reasonable doesn’t it?

A cloud of darkness appeared over the happy crowd, evil seemed to rain over them, sadness ensued.

You see children, the solution is a good one only if it meets the requirements set forth in the beginning.  Oops, no requirements had been written.  That’s OK as long as the needs to enrich the environment and make the identified task easier for the joyous department members are met.  Oops, the solution won’t allow those desired changes to the list.  Oops, it will not allow the use of InfoPath forms.

Hmm, what went wrong?

Then End.

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Daily Twitter Newspaper

Posted by sharepoinTony on September 8, 2010

I am really getting hooked on reading articles in the #sharepoint Daily and the SharePoinTony Daily !

Tweets containing links to articles, videos, and photos are captured and placed in an online newspaper format  for you to review.  I often miss many great tweets with excellent articles and reference material because of when they are tweeted and what I am doing (not watching twitter).  Reviewing the Daily daily helps me find those gems.

The topics sometimes range from things like PowerShell cmdlets, SharePoint governance, and Microsoft announcements to new books, vendor announcements and wacky photos.  This displays the breadth and depth of the SharePoint community.  Recently there was an article on “Boss Management” and another with photographs of Pakistan’s deadly flood.  These things are not gathered by a news organization and placed on these daily’s…these are things that SharePoint people are talking about, promoting and sharing with the community.

What I find interesting is that these daily papers can be personal or social, but are always very different.  It is amazing how different they are, even with the overlap and occasional duplicates between them, they are unique to the ‘owner’.  Thinking about it, if you read the SharePointTony Daily you are reading things that the people I follow are posting.  If you read the #sharepoint Daily you are looking at the posts by anyone in the twitter community who uses the #SharePoint hashtag.  If you create a daily with a narrow focus you can get a very personal “paper”.

In testing out this concept I created a daily paper using a SharePoint MVP and Certified Masters twitter list.  I also created one for my family, it obviously has a very small number of “articles” posted but it could be a great family sharing tool.  These have a much more personal feel and I can’t wait to monitor them over time to see how I feel about them months from now.

With the growing number of social media outlets, sites, and tools it can become overwhelming.  I hope the growth doesn’t create competing twitter Daily papers, but rather complimentary papers each with their own personality.  For example, I look forward to reviewing the EndUserSharePoint Daily and WonderLaura’s Daily to find other gems I missed or might have never seen.

Try searching for newspapers, check out the SharePoint 2010 Daily – it is slowing growing as people use the #sp2010 hashtag – and build your own. Look at the media with a different point of view and often you will see something new.

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Daily Twitter Newspapers

Posted by sharepoinTony on July 22, 2010

Some creative folks are compiling twitter feeds into a newspaper format on a daily basis. These papers capture twitter streams that have links and group them onto the page. The streams are from the previous day, but a ‘live twitter stream” is presented on the page – it seems to scramble everything over the past 24 hours and present it in that section.
Here are some of the Daily papers related to SharePoint:

#SharePoint2010 hastag stream:

#SharePoint hastag stream:

Laura Rogers Daily:

and your’s truly:

There may be other great ones out there, I just haven’t found ’em yet. Let me know if you find an interesting Daily paper related to SharePoint.

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Editing a User’s Profile

Posted by sharepoinTony on June 10, 2010

OK so you have MySites enabled and all has been going along well enough.  Then you have a user who decides it would be funny to put a, shall we say “funny”, picture  up as their profile picture right before they skip out of town on vacation.

HR wants that photo changed now, no waiting for the rascal to return from vacation.   Here are the down and dirty steps to rectify the situation:

  1. Identify a photo you want to use to replace the rogue image
  2. I chose to upload it to the Site Collection Images library, you just need to place it somewhere that can be accessed via a URL
  3. Capture the URL, Right-click, Copy Shortcut works well
  4. Skedaddle over to your SSP and login as an admin
  5. Go to User Profile and Properties
  6. Scroll around and find the funny user
  7. Right-click and select Edit
  8. Scroll down to the Picture property & overwrite with the saved URL from step 3
  9. Click Save and Close
  10. Act like this was very hard work that took lots of technical experience to successfully accomplish

Wasn’t that fun?  Obviously you can edit any of the profile properties this way if needed. Now get back to work.

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SharePoint Conference “season” never ends

Posted by sharepoinTony on June 9, 2010

If your new to SharePoint, or have been working with it for awhile, you should notice that there are lots of conferences and events.  This is a good thing, actually it is a great thing for the community.  Variety and options are always good and in this case essential to bring information to the large and growing crowd of organizations using SharePoint.  If you are trying to choose a conference, often the options are overwhelming.  I know, I have been there.  I wanted to go to all of them and not miss a thing when I got started with SharePoint.

OK, to be honest, I still do…but that isn’t the point of this rambling article. I’ll get to the point soon, I promise.

Unless you are a SharePoint consultant or vendor you can’t attend all of these events due to budget and time constraints.  So don’t let it get you down, look at the volume of conferences and events as a great opportunity for YOU to work some of them into your schedule.  Think of it this way, what if there were only one SharePoint conference a year and you couldn’t attend because of some conflict?  Ouch!

As others have pointed out, choosing a conference depends on your needs and environment.  You have to decide what conference is best for you & your situation.  You have to look closely at the conference and the sessions offered to see what fits your needs.  My best tip is to review the session abstracts, do the work, and choose what works for your schedule and budget.

The bottom line is, I love SharePoint Conferences! I loved attending the Best Practices Conference last year & SPTechCon in San Fransisco earlier this year – and I got a lot out of useful information from both of them.  The SharePoint community is awesome and you get to experience that first-hand when you attend any one of the conferences or any of the other SharePoint events such as SharePoint Saturday (another awesome set of events!).  That is why I have a bone to pick with all of the conference organizers out there. [Ahh, now we are finally getting to the point.]

Here is the conflict as I see it…
  • SharePoint 2007 is huge, there is a very large user base, and many companies have invested in this platform.
  • Microsoft always pushes business to stay current and upgrade software.  With the huge 2007 base, they are eager to get everyone to move to SharePoint 2010.
  • Businesses always need to strech their investment, and they focus funds on strategic needs rather than constantly upgrading tools used to run their business.  Therefore, many, and I emphasize many, are not rushing to upgrade to SharePoint 2010.
  • Budget dollars are shrinking.  Training and conference spending is scrutinized more than ever before.  People have to justify going to conferences. If your company isn’t moving to SharePoint 2010 in the near-term you have a very hard time justifying your attendance at nearly any of the SharePoint conferences this year.

Conference organizers (and Microsoft) fail to recognize these points (IMO) and are making it hard for many (like me) to attend.  I know, I know, many of the conferences have some 2007 content.  But we are talking scrutinized justification here.   Would you pay for someone to go to a conference where only 25% of the conference was applicable to your company?  10%?  5%?  Business managers are looking for higher percentages than that.

Thousands are attending SharePoint Conferences and events, but that doesn’t mean businesses only want 2010 content. It means there are thousands who are new to SharePoint and want to start with the latest version.  It means that some businesses are ready to upgrade and are looking for the 2010 focus.  It means that the huge SharePoint 2007 community is left without a conference.

Will there be a conference with lots of topics around migrating to 2010 next year when many businesses are finally considering the upgrade?  What about 2007 topics for the next 2 years?

Companies feel like they are behind the curve often enough because software and hardware vendors continue to innovate and push those upgrades (a good thing).  That is why we need conference organizers to bridge the gap and provide content that leads them to the latest version.  We just need them to do it closer to the pace of most businesses internal software lifecycle.

The truth is that most companies don’t want to upgrade until after new release settles in – often after sp1.  Businesses approve attendance for conferences that help them deal with today’s challenges more often than they do for ‘preparing for next year’.  They want to know that something will be addressed in this quarter or next quarter because of what is gained at a conference.

So Conference Organizers, you are missing a whole segment of the market and leaving lots of potential customers behind.

That is my opinion.
Since the original posting of this rant, the organizers of SPTechCon and The Best Practices Conference have communicated and corrected some of my beliefs.  These specific conferences do in-fact have a significant amount of content either applicable to or directly focused on SharePoint 2007. Clarity in my message was needed and I am thankful for the input.
I still feel that the marketing and focus of some conferences are overly “2010”  and that feeds the hype created by Microsoft for the purpose of pushing upgrades on customers.   That said, I have to agree to the valid points made in the comments section of EndUserSharePoint by these organizers.  Their response is further evidence that this community is awesome and demonstrates another reason why I loved attending the above-mentioned conferences.  My Thanks to David Rubinstein and Bill English for your insights and efforts, we all appreciate how much you care about your attendees!

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NEW San Diego SharePoint Users Group

Posted by sharepoinTony on May 28, 2010

A NEW SharePoint Users Group is forming in San Diego!

Here are the basics, go to for more details.

Join us for the first San Diego SharePoint User Group (SanSpug) meeting on June 1st! Our first meeting will include two highly appropriate opening subjects:

· SharePoint 2010 Features Overview

· Upgrading to SharePoint 2010

SanSpug meetings are held at New Horizons Learning Centers:

7480 Miramar Road
San Diego, CA
Meetings start at 6:00 PM – 1st Tuesday of each Month

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SP 2007 Audience Limitations

Posted by sharepoinTony on December 28, 2009

Using Audiences in SharePoint 2007 helps you to provide content in a more customized manner.  Your defined audience will see the content while others that are outside of that audience may not see the content.   As the SharePoint 2007 “Help and How-to” puts it:

By using target audiences, you can display content such as list or library items, navigation links, and entire Web Parts to specific groups of people. This is useful when you want to present information that is relevant only to a particular group of people.  For example, you can add a Web Part to the legal department’s portal site that contains a list of legal contracts that is visible only to that department.


Targeting specific list or library items to audiences works in a slightly different manner than when targeting entire lists or libraries.   To target a web part to an audience you simply Edit the page, Modify the Shared Web Part and specify the Target Audience under the Advanced section.  Only members of the specified audience will see the web part on the page.


To target a list item for example, you must enable audience targeting on the list, specify the audience on the item and then present the item in a web part, usually a Content Query Web Part.  Displaying the content in this way will allow filtering to occur.  If you complete all of these steps except the last, presenting the item in a web part, then the specified audience will not filter the view of the item in the list.  SharePoint list and library views do not allow filtering by Audience, and the list or library will display all items in the view regardless of the specified audience


So be cautious, if your users have access to a list or library you will have to control visibility through permissions and obscurity rather than the use of audience targeting.  That is, hide the list from common users and always display the content via web parts.  Presenting content in this way is not always feasible, especially when you may have people from different audiences updating the list or library.  The best option is to simply segregate the items into different lists or libraries by audience.


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San Diego SP User Group Meeting 12/3

Posted by sharepoinTony on December 1, 2009

Southern California SharePoint User Group December 2009 Meeting

Holiday Meeting This Week

The Southern California SharePoint User Group is meeting on the 1st Thursday of December 2009 to accommodate Holiday schedules. Monthly meetings return to the 3rd Thursday evening of the month in January 2010.

Thursday, December 3rd 2009
NEW STARTING TIME!! – Meetings now start at 5:30 PM

The SoCal SPUG December 2009 meeting is about:
· Workflow
· Security
· InfoPath Form Services

Featured Speakers:
Brandon Brown, Principal Technology Specialist
“Building dynamic business applications using SharePoint (MOSS) and K2”

For location and more details go to the SoCal SharePoint San Diego site.

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