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A few words about the Daily paper

Posted by sharepoinTony on December 22, 2011

The _______ Daily is out!

Like anything else in this world there are pros and cons to the Twitter driven produced “Daily”.  Many people have them; they are easy and some say fun to create.  Many others hate them because of the daily tweet reminding you that the new edition is out.  Although there are options for Weekly versions, not many choose that option.

While there are good arguments around these “papers”, both for and against publishing them, I find them useful and am willing to ignore the dozens of tweets announcing them daily.  Live and let live.  Some people want them, like them, and use them.  Why does that have to hurt YOU.  If you are using twitter you are getting gazillions of tweets passing through your stream.  A few dozen more is minor in the scheme of things.  Now let’s get on to the meat of this post.  I believe that there are some nice features to the product that are overlooked as benefits.  What is that you say, benefits?

Have you ever scanned a tweet, rushing by in the stream, noted something of interest but just didn’t have time to go off and read the linked article?  You can’t ‘favorite’ every interesting tweet you see.  Later, you think of that tweet, dang who tweeted that?  Was that yesterday or the day before?  Scrolling through your stream looking for something like that is painful.  If you haven’t tried that, go ahead and try it – I will wait.  What do you search in twitter?  Will a hash-tag really help?

Archives image

OK, now a few hours have gone by and you are back here waiting for me to get to the point.  The feature I speak of is the little ‘Archives‘ icon way up at the top of the paper.   This gem allows you to pick a date in time and see the paper generated on that day.  This is a much easier way to find that missing tweet.  You can browse through the paper to find the article that you wanted to read.  Clicking this icon pops a little calendar that allows you to pick the date.  Didn’t find what you were looking for, just click Archives again and try a different date.

So not only can you use the Daily Paper as a way to review tweets gone by, but you can go back in time to find the things you wanted to see.  Some days I don’t go into twitter at all, I just review my daily paper The sharepoinTony Daily.

Another good feature to use, often in conjunction with the Archives is the ability to “See all articles”:

List Articles

Selecting this link will provide you with a list of all the articles.  This list is in a more efficient format for scanning through tweets captured by that edition of the paper.  The link is located on the far right side of the horizontal navigation at the top of the paper.  Also notice the two little icons under the “See all articles” link.  If you are looking for a tweet that had a link to a photo or video, these icons are your friends.  Choosing them will provide you with those tweets grouped on their own page.

Talking about that horizontal navigation…



Those topics are not always perfectly categorizing tweets, however they do group tweets and selecting a topic will give you a full page of tweets that were placed into the category.  Sometimes clicking through those categories is a great way to see something you missed in the stream or elsewhere in your tweet search.

Browse the tweets of the day, the paper is a relaxing alternative to the tweet stream.  For me it is a way to keep up with some of the tweets for those times when I can’t stay engaged on twitter live.



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