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SP 2007 Audience Limitations

Posted by sharepoinTony on December 28, 2009

Using Audiences in SharePoint 2007 helps you to provide content in a more customized manner.  Your defined audience will see the content while others that are outside of that audience may not see the content.   As the SharePoint 2007 “Help and How-to” puts it:

By using target audiences, you can display content such as list or library items, navigation links, and entire Web Parts to specific groups of people. This is useful when you want to present information that is relevant only to a particular group of people.  For example, you can add a Web Part to the legal department’s portal site that contains a list of legal contracts that is visible only to that department.


Targeting specific list or library items to audiences works in a slightly different manner than when targeting entire lists or libraries.   To target a web part to an audience you simply Edit the page, Modify the Shared Web Part and specify the Target Audience under the Advanced section.  Only members of the specified audience will see the web part on the page.


To target a list item for example, you must enable audience targeting on the list, specify the audience on the item and then present the item in a web part, usually a Content Query Web Part.  Displaying the content in this way will allow filtering to occur.  If you complete all of these steps except the last, presenting the item in a web part, then the specified audience will not filter the view of the item in the list.  SharePoint list and library views do not allow filtering by Audience, and the list or library will display all items in the view regardless of the specified audience


So be cautious, if your users have access to a list or library you will have to control visibility through permissions and obscurity rather than the use of audience targeting.  That is, hide the list from common users and always display the content via web parts.  Presenting content in this way is not always feasible, especially when you may have people from different audiences updating the list or library.  The best option is to simply segregate the items into different lists or libraries by audience.



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MOSS 2007 and VSS 2005

Posted by sharepoinTony on October 27, 2009

<rant >

History: we have a boat-load of documents being stored in Visual SourceSafe 2005 by project managers, product documentation staff, and engineering staff.  They started storing various documents there simply because it was available (due to our developers using the tool) and because they didn’t have anywhere else available.  Most wanted both version and access control.

Fast forward a few years to today.  We are in the process of implementing a SharePoint based intranet.  Some of the files stored on PC’s, Laptops, file shares, and VSS will move to our Document Center or some other Document Library within SharePoint.  There are some files currently in VSS that the groups want to leave right where they are.  Management is in agreement with this situation.

One of the goals of our new intranet is to make it easy to find files.  Search is a big deliverable.  The obvious question is can we perform a search in SharePoint and find files in VSS? A follow-up question is, better yet, can we integrate to some level where users (with appropriate permissions) can see the documents stored in VSS from within a SharePoint site?

The answers are yes, I think, but that isn’t really the point of this post.  I spent hours searching MSDN and TechNet for information to answer those questions.   That is the point of this post.  My biggest complaint with Microsoft is that they seem to make it very very difficult to find any information you are looking for.

Why can’t I search on “Search Visual SourceSafe with SharePoint” and find anything related to what I am looking for?  I tried various searches, with various combinations of words, no luck really.  One old article talking about integrating VSS 5.0 with SharePoint 2003 (the info in that article doesn’t apply to the current versions, things changed).

I tried focusing on Visual SourceSafe 2005 – no mention of integration or interaction with SharePoint found.  Then I tried focusing on MOSS 2007, nothing.  It was painful, and I only found tidbits of information that were actually related to the topic I am interested in.

TechNet FAIL, MSDN FAIL.  Why can’t Microsoft improve the search capability within these sites, it has been terrible for years and years? It is still nearly impossible to find anything in TechNet and on MSDN when you search for something, especially if you don’t know the “proper” keywords.


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