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Removing Internet from your Search Results

Posted by sharepoinTony on October 28, 2009

The default Search settings within MOSS 2007 may work fine for many companies, but there is one setting that we didn’t like on our SharePoint based Intranet.  That is the display of search results from the Internet.  We want our searches from within the SharePoint sites to focus on internal content, and felt that it is a distraction having what some consider advertising to be displayed with every Search result.

Search Results with Internet

Removing this isn’t difficult, finding the place to do it might be.  If you haven’t messed with Search very much then you won’t likely know where to go to control this behavior.  Additionally, you probably won’t have any idea what it is called so your Google searches may not help you very much.

Want to remove or modify the Internet Results in your Search Results display?

Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to your Central Administration (or directly to your SSP)
  2. Select  the SSP for your site from the QuickLaunch in Central Administration
  3. Select Search Administration, found under the Search heading on the Home page of your SSP
  4. Select Federated Locations from the Queries and Results section of the Search Administration QuickLaunch
  5. Search Administration QuickLaunch Menu

  6. On the “Manage Federated Locations” page you should see 2 or 3 items listed on the page, we are interested in any that have “Internet Search” in their name.  Notice that the Trigger column displays “Always”
  7. Manage Federated Locations

    Manage Federated Locations

  8. Click on Internet Search Results
  9. Scroll down the Edit Federated Location page to the Trigger section
  10. Trigger option

  11. Read the information about your options,  you want to choose what is best for your site.  For the sake of this post I am selecting Prefix and entering “web” in the Add Prefix field
  12. Prefix selected=

  13. Click the OK button
  14. Repeat steps 7-9 for Internet Search Suggestions (which I assume you have like I did)  Your Manage Federated Locations should look like this now:
  15. Modified Federated Location

    Modified Federated Locations

  16. Jump out to another browser and try searching on your site.  The Search Results window shouldn’t display


    Search Results

    Search Results without Internet results

Tadaaa, you have done it!

In this case, if anyone searches on “bozo” (for example) they will get results without anything included from the Internet.  However,  if they search “web bozo” they will get both results and suggestions from the Internet.  That is because I choose Prefix and used ‘web’ as my prefix.  In both scenarios they will always get results from the SharePoint site.


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