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Property Mapping for Profile Import

Posted by sharepoinTony on November 4, 2009

If you import your User Profiles from Active Directory (or LDAP, or anywhere)  into SharePoint then at some point you may want to make use of some properties available in that external system.   The default import connection in SharePoint maps several commonly used properties for you, in my case properties found in Active Directory.

When you go into your Shared Service Provider (SSP) in SharePoint 2007 and navigate to User profiles and properties found under the User Profiles and My Sites section, you can View profile properties to see what is available.

When I did this, and selected Edit from the drop-down on one of the properties I noticed that I could not see any way to map the property – that is I couldn’t set the Mapped Attribute.  I could see the Mapped Attribute column, and see that many of the default properties had Mapped Attributes, but could not change them.  Since I wanted to create a new Property and map it to an AD Property I had a problem with this.

What I learned was that this was a permissions problem, not because of how I logged in but because of how the Import Connection was configured.  So here is what you do if you have the same problem.

Go to your SSP, navigate to User profiles and properties and select View import connections to get to the  “View Import Connections” screen.

Profile Properties - View Import Connection

View Import Connection

Select your import connection, and click Edit, this will take you into the Edit Connection screen.  Scroll down to the Authentication Information section.

The Use Default Account radio button is selected, click on the Specify Account radio button to add your farm credentials – Account and Password.  This account must have at least Read access to your Active Directory and can be one of the accounts you setup to manage your SharePoint environment.  Click the OK button to save your changes.

Import Connection - Authentication

Authentication for Profile Import Connection

You will be returned to the View Import Connections screen.  Navigate back up to the User Profile and Properties page and select View profile properties.  This time when you Edit a property you should see the Data source field to map and Enter field to map fields under the Source Data Connection in the Property Import Mapping section.

Property Mapping on Import

Property Mapping

Hurray, now your work creating properties and mapping them starts.  Those steps may follow at a later date.


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