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Daily Twitter Newspaper

Posted by sharepoinTony on September 8, 2010

I am really getting hooked on reading articles in the #sharepoint Daily and the SharePoinTony Daily !

Tweets containing links to articles, videos, and photos are captured and placed in an online newspaper format  for you to review.  I often miss many great tweets with excellent articles and reference material because of when they are tweeted and what I am doing (not watching twitter).  Reviewing the Daily daily helps me find those gems.

The topics sometimes range from things like PowerShell cmdlets, SharePoint governance, and Microsoft announcements to new books, vendor announcements and wacky photos.  This displays the breadth and depth of the SharePoint community.  Recently there was an article on “Boss Management” and another with photographs of Pakistan’s deadly flood.  These things are not gathered by a news organization and placed on these daily’s…these are things that SharePoint people are talking about, promoting and sharing with the community.

What I find interesting is that these daily papers can be personal or social, but are always very different.  It is amazing how different they are, even with the overlap and occasional duplicates between them, they are unique to the ‘owner’.  Thinking about it, if you read the SharePointTony Daily you are reading things that the people I follow are posting.  If you read the #sharepoint Daily you are looking at the posts by anyone in the twitter community who uses the #SharePoint hashtag.  If you create a daily with a narrow focus you can get a very personal “paper”.

In testing out this concept I created a daily paper using a SharePoint MVP and Certified Masters twitter list.  I also created one for my family, it obviously has a very small number of “articles” posted but it could be a great family sharing tool.  These have a much more personal feel and I can’t wait to monitor them over time to see how I feel about them months from now.

With the growing number of social media outlets, sites, and tools it can become overwhelming.  I hope the growth doesn’t create competing twitter Daily papers, but rather complimentary papers each with their own personality.  For example, I look forward to reviewing the EndUserSharePoint Daily and WonderLaura’s Daily to find other gems I missed or might have never seen.

Try searching for newspapers, check out the SharePoint 2010 Daily – it is slowing growing as people use the #sp2010 hashtag – and build your own. Look at the media with a different point of view and often you will see something new.


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Where have I been?

Posted by sharepoinTony on March 25, 2010

Well, sometimes timing is everything and that applies to the past month for me.
I have had some big deadlines at work and have purchased a home, have been working on fixing that home up, and then have started moving into that home.
So that is why I haven’t been very active on Twitter or posting to my blog. I am hopeful that the big crunch is nearly over and will get back to a more normal pace soon. Only about 50 more boxes to unpack… 😉

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SocialVibe – nice job WordPress

Posted by sharepoinTony on July 8, 2009

WordPress widget for SocialVibe allows you to help a non-profit collect donations from a sponsoring company. I think it is a great idea. Hope they add more causes over time, there are plenty that need the help.
Check it out:
and then click on the “Help Now” button on my sidebar, only takes a few seconds, it is FREE and it helps our veterans returning home.  Click on the IAVA logo to learn about the cause, or anywhere else to encourage the sponsor to donate.

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SharePoint maybe it is Jerk

Posted by sharepoinTony on May 5, 2009

After reading about the SharePoint Knights today I felt that I didn’t want to get in the fray. I still don’t, but being the way I am I had to have fun with it all.

So it got me thinking.

Folks like me who are just chugging along working with SharePoint day in and day out have no moniker. I figure things out and try to share before rushing on to the next fire or urgent task. I find all kinds of “undocumented features” which cause problems for our environment…and some kind of work-around that will “do for now” for us.
Where do we fit in?
What is the SharePoint community for the average SharePointer?

We must be SharePoint Jack’s, all of us average SharePointers. Remember Simple Jack from the movie Tropic Thunder? That character seems to fit our persona, from the MVP’s and guru’s perspective. OK so I am Exaggerating (with the capital E)…hey I said I was having fun! But hey, we don’t get kudos for the valiant effort we do daily. We rarely get recognition for anything. We just work and get as much done as we can…and try really hard to improve things in our little world.

I won’t lump everyone else into this, I am the SharePoint Jack and probably a Jerk for blabbering on about this silly topic that has no real purpose. I guess I just had the thought pop into my head…and had to belch it out. You read it here first.

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Happy Earth Day – SharePoint for a green planet!

Posted by sharepoinTony on April 22, 2009

Wouldn’t it be nice if so many companies started using SharePoint in such a way that they saved on paper and collaborated online enough to reduce their impact on the planet?

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SP2010 announcement

Posted by sharepoinTony on April 16, 2009

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

With all of the buzz around the Microsoft announcement regarding the new 2010 version of products, with the significant title on many blogs  being: Microsoft SharePoint “14” is now Microsoft SharePoint 2010 (see the SharePoint Team Blog)… I had to get my word in.

Considering the new official name is Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, the good old “MOSS” acronym will have to go by the wayside.  Many have pointed out that one cannot rush to use the acronym “MSS” as this refers to Microsoft Search Server.  The reasoning behind the removal of “Office” from the name is sound in my judgment, and I am glad to see the differentiation between the client ‘Office’ applications and the server suite of products.   Anyway, the important part of this message is the critical issue of what everyone in the trenches will call this new version of SharePoint.  I am here to help.

Being an extrodinary sooth-sayer, philosopher and cutting-edge technologist it was easy for me to declare the new shortcut/acronym that will be used by all for this new version of SharePoint will be…


You are welcome.

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Ideas for SharePoint Admin documentation/notes

Posted by sharepoinTony on February 13, 2009

I have been trying to determine what method “I LIKE” best for capturing documentation and administration notes.  If anyone out there actually reads this and has ideas, please comment on this topic – I would really like to hear what you do.

My requirements are simple enough: use SharePoint, make it quick and easy for me to document things, make it easy to FIND what I documented or those notes about that widget from 6 months ago, and not cost more than my own effort in setting it up.  The last requirement could change, but this is the list I started with.

So far I have tried setting up a Knowledge Base, a Wiki and a Blog.

Of those I thought I would like the KB because I could easily find Related Articles.  But I found that I didn’t like the way Keywords are used and I couldn’t create a view to sort or group by keyword.  The Wiki became my next effort.  It addresses all of my requirements except ‘easy to find’ due to the lack of keywords, categories, or something to group similar or related content.  My last move was to the blog.  The Categories function better than Keywords found in the KB, but the lack of a “Related Articles ” capability detracts from my mission.  I suppose I can create a specific crawl that may help find things for any one of these options.   Before I put in the effort I thought I would see if anyone else is doing something I like, because that is what best practices is all about.

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SharePoint Governance

Posted by sharepoinTony on February 10, 2009

I am likely to write several blogs on this topic, bear with me.  The reason is simple, I am engaged in this topic daily.  Now on to some thoughts.

I recently read an article by Eric Landry which sparked some thought on this topic.  Eric does a great job outlining some critical factors in “achieving and sustaining” a SharePoint environment.

However, I wonder how many senior executives will change THEIR habits and actively sit on a steering committee.  How many will engage with and support subordinates tasked with developing the corporate governance model?  Remain engaged to support and enforce the governance model?  And how many will stick with the SharePoint implementation through arguments and dissenters who don’t want to change or are afraid of change?

If the answer is anything other than “every one of them” your SharePoint success will be limited at best.

I wonder how many of Mr. Landry’s readers can reply with that answer to my questions.  My cynical side cries out ‘not many’, but my pure-of-heart SharePoint side prays for answers of ‘most’.  I want SharePoint to succeed.  I have seen many technologies and initiatives go by the wayside not because they had faults beyond their benefits, but because ‘corporate America’ refused to engage fully.

Executives have busy schedules.  Executives are paid big bucks for their decisions.  Executives are not known for their willingness to change their own behavior.  Nor are they generally open to embrace something completely that they aren’t fully certain will result in success.  Selling executives on SharePoint, teaching SharePoint to executives, and painting a picture that allows executives to believe in SharePoint is what is needed.  Exactly how that is done in your environment I can’t say, but I thank Eric Landry for supplying us with one excellent weapon to use in this battle.

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