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Thoughts on “Green” SharePoint

MOSS 2007 offers a great deal to the business that wants to make use of process improvements, automated workflows, and continuous improvement projects to make their organizations more efficient, cost effective, and potentially more competitive.  That is a driving factor in my interest in SharePoint (plus SharePoint people are a bunch of fun).  I believe that standardizing tasks and processes can improve not only the productivity of a business, but also improve the work environment for employees.

SharePoint can also be utilized as a tool to better enable a business to act in a “green” manner.  Sharing documents and working online can reduce paper consumption and waste.  Automating business processes utilizing workflows can reduce time spent on these tasks which COULD be redirected to identifying other areas where the company may change the impact they have on our environment.  The efficiency gained this way allows the time spent on green initiatives to cost the company nothing…thereby improving the roi and goodwill received by implementing any green initiative.

This concept of businesses going green isn’t new,  and I am not alone in applying it in “new” and “different” ways.  Some examples include:

Project Management – see Turning Green: A Quality Standards Approach to Green Projects

Green Business Guide (US Government) Marketing and Product Development

Web Sites devoted to Green Business: – Daily News on Green Business

GreenerDesign – Greener by Design conference – looking at designing green products – An Online Community for Eco Entrepreneurs

Green Business Alliance

New Alternatives Fund – Mutual Fund Investing in alternative energy

GreenInc. – NY Times Blog

Green Business Innovators

Green Business Quarterly

Green Busines League

Green Business Times

There are many more sites out there…this sampling hopefully displays the direction some business thinking is going.  You will see some posts mixed in focusing on ‘green’ topics, especially related to IT or SharePoint…that is just how I roll.


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