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Moving OneNote between SharePoint environments

Posted by sharepoinTony on January 12, 2012

If you who have discovered the benefits of using OneNote shared notebooks AND have sync’d the notebook in a SharePoint library…this post is for you.

We started using OneNote 2010 with our MOSS 2007 farm, and because of the kind of shop we are – we setup a new SharePoint 2010 environment to run beside our MOSS farm.  Fast forward to January 2012 and our SP2010 environment is our ‘production’ intranet now.  Our MOSS environment is still chugging along and we are going to keep her for a while, but how we use that farm has changed significantly over time.

Now that our SP2010 farm is heavily used, we don’t like that we still have a shared OneNote notebook lingering out there in the old MOSS environment.   We do have other OneNote notebooks out there, but they are old, smelly notebooks that we don’t really use.  We keep them because they are now an archive of specific notes.

There is one notebook however that is still alive with activity, so we just want it ‘where we are’.  We have a better home for that notebook.  One that we visit daily and where we have other related content.  So it was an easy decision to move the notebook from the MOSS library to the shiny SharePoint 2010 library where it belongs.

OK enough of the back-story.  Down to the nitty gritty…

To move your OneNote 2010 notebook

  1. Open the SP2007 library in Explorer
  2. Open the SP2010 library in Explorer View
  3. Guess the next step….yep drag the OneNote folder from one to the other
    • yes, you can copy and paste -or- cut and paste if you prefer that to being a bully by using ‘drag’ method

Whew! That was tough.  WAIT, there is more!

Notify the people sharing that notebook of the new location, they will have to ‘change location’ to sync to the notebook.  Here are the arduous steps:

  1. Right-click the NoteBook
  2. Select Properties
  3. Click the Change Location button
  4. Click the address bar and type or paste in the URL to the new document library
  5. Click the Select button

I chose to send folks these steps as part of the message that the notebook was now in it’s new home.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled SharePoint blog browsing.   Happy Notes.


2 Responses to “Moving OneNote between SharePoint environments”

  1. Benoit Barabe said

    This will indeed work properly for moving from a 2007 server to a 2010 server. But it will not work moving from a 2010 server to any other server. On Sharepoint 2010, some of the data is not immediately reflected in the .one files on the server (it is on the server databases). So the safest way is to use Change Location on the first computer – which will create the file at the target location if they do not exist. When you are successfully synching at the new location, a good practice is to remove the .one files from the original location and leave a “” file with a shortcut to the new location.

    Sorry we didn’t make this as easy as it could.
    Benoit Barabe, OneNote Development Manager.

    • Beniot,
      I really appreciate your comment & the information contained in it. I don’t think that the process you outlined is very difficult. I also don’t think people move shared OneNote notebooks very often, so with that in mind it is also not much effort that is required for an occasional task.

      Coincidentally, I was going to try & figure out what the best process would be to move OneNote between SP2010 farms…you answered that question for me! Thanks!


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