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SP2010 Incoming e-mail behavior

Posted by sharepoinTony on December 20, 2010


I have a SharePoint 2010 library with incoming e-mail enabled.  The settings save all attachments in folders grouped by subject and Save the original e-mail.  The library incoming e-mail configuration also Accepts e-mail messages from any sender.  I have verified that incoming e-mail is routed to the library and attachments are saved correctly. 


The original email message is kept for the FIRST email to arrive in a folder

  • Any additional emails that arrive in the folder, from the same or different sender do not save the email message. Subsequent email messages are discarded!
  • Emails with the same attachment going into a folder (folders based on subject) are discarded when the setting to Overwrite files with the same name is set to No – EVEN if the email is from different senders
  • Only unique attachments are saved into the folders in this scenario

Changing the library to Save attachments in folders grouped by e-mail sender altered the behavior significantly:

  • Both the email and attachment are saved for subsequent e-mails from the same sender
  • Emails with the same attachment from the same sender are saved into the folder, however the new attachment is discarded

This behavior makes some sense, however it seems odd that the email message is discarded.  Be warned. 😉  I will be presenting on this topic (In-coming e-mail in SharePoint 2010) at the SharePoint Saturday San Diego in February so join us if you are interested in this topic.

3 Responses to “SP2010 Incoming e-mail behavior”

  1. Hi

    Check out the August cumulative update (okay then, the October one). This behaviour might have changed slightly as I was having issues where not all emails (from a photocopier) being handled properly and applying that update cured it. My problem was similar to what was described here and I can confirm the update fixed it.



  2. tony said

    We are trying to migrate our Exchange 2003 public folders to sharepoint and this just sounds scary to even try and do this. We have over 2000 emails coming in to a folder in a week with lots of attachments and files and we use custom forms connected to a sql server to automate the filing of the emails coming in.
    With the announcement that Exchange 2010 and future releases are going away from using public folders I am left with not really having a warm and fuzzy feeling that sharepoint will be the way of the future. I may just as well get someone to develop what we need in dotnet.

    What do you think if a good solutions?
    Emails are an integral part of our business and having the attachment stripped from the email does not make sense in my mind. Most users needs to see what attachments and the email message that is attached. Some may be a pdf, word, or autocad file.

    Any advice would be helpful.

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