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Editing a User’s Profile

Posted by sharepoinTony on June 10, 2010

OK so you have MySites enabled and all has been going along well enough.  Then you have a user who decides it would be funny to put a, shall we say “funny”, picture  up as their profile picture right before they skip out of town on vacation.

HR wants that photo changed now, no waiting for the rascal to return from vacation.   Here are the down and dirty steps to rectify the situation:

  1. Identify a photo you want to use to replace the rogue image
  2. I chose to upload it to the Site Collection Images library, you just need to place it somewhere that can be accessed via a URL
  3. Capture the URL, Right-click, Copy Shortcut works well
  4. Skedaddle over to your SSP and login as an admin
  5. Go to User Profile and Properties
  6. Scroll around and find the funny user
  7. Right-click and select Edit
  8. Scroll down to the Picture property & overwrite with the saved URL from step 3
  9. Click Save and Close
  10. Act like this was very hard work that took lots of technical experience to successfully accomplish

Wasn’t that fun?  Obviously you can edit any of the profile properties this way if needed. Now get back to work.


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