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SharePoint Blog Category Pagination

Posted by sharepoinTony on August 29, 2009

Quick and easy.  That is what it sounded like.

It’s Friday about 3pm, a department manager wants ‘something’ added in his department site.  They want to post information for another group to view.  They want to categorize the content so the users can easily sort through the various postings.  They wanted a blog.  For the sake of brevity I won’t go into more details on what, why, etc. related to the choices, just the interesting tidbits.

I quickly created a SharePoint Blog site under their SP 2007 department site, did the few obligatory things to make it nicer and fit the theme and the department and let it go.    The department manager was happy, the end.

4-ish pm – he is back. Gee, we notice that when we select a Category from the QuickLaunch and the posts display, there is this little “1-10 >” thing down on the very bottom…and we don’t like it.  We want to see everything posted in that Category on one page, we don’t care how long it is or if we have to scroll down for days.

OK, I will take a look…there must be a setting in the Blog settings somewhere.  Nope, can’t find it anywhere.

I look at the page, it is … Lists/Categories/Category.aspx, so I decide to open it up in SharePoint Designer (SPD).  If I try to modify the view in ‘design’ mode it hangs SPD.  Nice touch. Did I mention it was late Friday afternoon?  After much searching around in Code mode, I find what I am looking for – that is the tidbit controlling pagination.  I knew it had to be a page or item view limit somewhere in there. 

Here is what you do to adjust pagination:

Go and find the <ListViewXML> tag (in the Category.aspx or other page where pagination control is desired), search there for the section of code that looks something like this:

/Query&gt;&lt;RowLimit Paged=&quot;TRUE&quot;&gt;10&lt;/RowLimit&gt;&lt;

Notice that “Paged” is equal to TRUE and has a value of “10″.  You can set the value to whatever number of blog posts you want to display.  I suspect that you could just set “Paged” to “FALSE” if you want to display every post from any chosen Category.  I plan to try that out very soon…but the critical knowledge has been gained and shared.

Enjoy your SharePoint Blogs!

UPDATE: I tested out setting Paged to “False”, which works fine, as long as you remove the number from the RowLimit (example above displays “10”).  If you leave a number in there, SharePoint will display that number of posts without pagination at the bottom to get to the additional posts.  Your code should look something like this:

/Query&gt;&lt;RowLimit Paged=&quot;FALSE&quot;&gt;&lt;/RowLimit&gt;&lt;

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“Greening” of IT

Posted by sharepoinTony on August 25, 2009

I recently read a white paper on the topic of the “Greening of IT”. Very interesting paper (search for Analyst Perspectives Consensus Report along with my title of this post to find the white paper, it is on a subscription service).

From this report I culled a few interesting quotes to share:

Environmental responsibility is emerging as an important topic for IT organizations and their technology suppliers (Source: “The Greening Of IT”, April 19, 2007, Forrester Research).

Enterprises are on the verge of adopting green strategies as they realize that doing so can lead to operational cost savings and waste reductions. In many cases what is good for the environment can also be good for the bottom line (Source: “Green IT adoption in North America lags good intentions, says Info-Tech Research Group”, July 16, 2007, Info-Tech Research).

The report showed that roughly 3/4 of all companies implementing “Green IT” initiatives were doing so primarily for the REDUCTION OF ENERGY COSTS.  The tide is turning slowly, however as more businesses recognize that the true benefits of becoming efficient and “green” includes cost savings over the long run we may see Lean IT as a standard way of doing business.  Everyone can benefit from this trend if the attitude toward “green” doesn’t fall prey to the negative connotations that ruined “ecology” and “environmentalism” in the 1970’s.

Corporations and the US Government both need to increase funding for these type of projects.  Not because they cost more (even though it might cost more up front) and not because it is the right thing to do (even if it is)…but because it is the prudent thing to do for your business.  Long-term thinking and planning need to make a come-back in the business world.  If you can cut your long-term costs significantly, you will help to ensure you lower the RISK your business is faced with in the future.  You also increase the chance of profitability in the near term…so why not adjust your thinking and consider going green?

Thanks to Books24x7 and SkillSoft for presenting the article.

AnalystPerspectives™ is a subscription-based offering from Books24x7, a SkillSoft Company. For more information on subscribing, visit

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Woo Hoo “Expert” Review

Posted by sharepoinTony on August 14, 2009

My review of ACAR’s Room Manager was accepted and published on SharePoint Reviews.  Read it here: SharePoint Reviews Room Manager for SharePoint by ACAR

Thanks to SharePoint Reviews for providing this service to the SharePoint public.  I find the reviews helpful, that is why I submitted my review as a way to “give back”.

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SharePoint for Documentation

Posted by sharepoinTony on August 11, 2009

Recently read a Nice idea and article about using SharePoint for documentation.
This is a focused PRODUCT article, but the concept is intriguing. Someone else out there may find it useful also.
I am not 100% sold on the idea that people want to read product documentation on their mobile device. Most won’t read it at all, and trying to sort through it all on such a small screen seems masochistic to me. I am old school and prefer reading most things on paper, especially product documentation. I may want to browse and skip over areas, possibly returning later, to see what is there. I like to find interesting details and skip the legally required jibberish.
That said, other documentation may be handy online. Even on mobile. For example what if you are moving about and could use some specifics that you already know are in a certain document. It would be nice to be able to pull up that documentation and jump to the known section for the details you want.
Generally speaking I like putting documentation online, and I like the concept promoted by this product. I think it will take some time for this to catch on, but I hope it does.

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