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Green SharePoint and Green Business

Posted by sharepoinTony on July 24, 2009

MOSS 2007 offers a great deal to the business that wants to make use of process improvements, automated workflows, and continuous improvement projects to make their organizations more efficient, cost effective, and potentially more competitive.

That is a driving factor in my interest in SharePoint.  I believe that standardizing tasks and processes can improve not only the productivity of a business, but also improve the work environment for employees.  Being “Green” IS GOOD BUSINESS.  Efficiency and effectiveness is what Lean is all about, and Lean is Green.  See the Lean Enterprise Institute for more on Lean.  Below are a couple of other sites that are Green Business focused:

Green Business Guide (US Government) Marketing and Product Development

The trend is out there, the concept has been around awhile, the knowledge and proven concepts exist….join the movement!

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