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SharePoint maybe it is Jerk

Posted by sharepoinTony on May 5, 2009

After reading about the SharePoint Knights today I felt that I didn’t want to get in the fray. I still don’t, but being the way I am I had to have fun with it all.

So it got me thinking.

Folks like me who are just chugging along working with SharePoint day in and day out have no moniker. I figure things out and try to share before rushing on to the next fire or urgent task. I find all kinds of “undocumented features” which cause problems for our environment…and some kind of work-around that will “do for now” for us.
Where do we fit in?
What is the SharePoint community for the average SharePointer?

We must be SharePoint Jack’s, all of us average SharePointers. Remember Simple Jack from the movie Tropic Thunder? That character seems to fit our persona, from the MVP’s and guru’s perspective. OK so I am Exaggerating (with the capital E)…hey I said I was having fun! But hey, we don’t get kudos for the valiant effort we do daily. We rarely get recognition for anything. We just work and get as much done as we can…and try really hard to improve things in our little world.

I won’t lump everyone else into this, I am the SharePoint Jack and probably a Jerk for blabbering on about this silly topic that has no real purpose. I guess I just had the thought pop into my head…and had to belch it out. You read it here first.

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