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SP2010 announcement

Posted by sharepoinTony on April 16, 2009

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

With all of the buzz around the Microsoft announcement regarding the new 2010 version of products, with the significant title on many blogs  being: Microsoft SharePoint “14” is now Microsoft SharePoint 2010 (see the SharePoint Team Blog)… I had to get my word in.

Considering the new official name is Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, the good old “MOSS” acronym will have to go by the wayside.  Many have pointed out that one cannot rush to use the acronym “MSS” as this refers to Microsoft Search Server.  The reasoning behind the removal of “Office” from the name is sound in my judgment, and I am glad to see the differentiation between the client ‘Office’ applications and the server suite of products.   Anyway, the important part of this message is the critical issue of what everyone in the trenches will call this new version of SharePoint.  I am here to help.

Being an extrodinary sooth-sayer, philosopher and cutting-edge technologist it was easy for me to declare the new shortcut/acronym that will be used by all for this new version of SharePoint will be…


You are welcome.

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