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SharePoint Alerts

Posted by sharepoinTony on April 13, 2009

Special Alerts

1) You can create an alert on a view.
You may want to create a view based on Content Type or some other field in your doc library.
When you create an alert on the document library, you will then see a new
option that allows you to choose a view for the alert – only items included
in that view will cause the alert to fire. (This option only appears when
you have views set up that have filters

2) You can create alerts on folders in a document library.
You can then put alerts on the folders and alerts would only be
sent on files changed in the folder. Your users would have to be
disciplined enough to put the files in the proper folder however.

3) You can use the Sharepoint API to create alerts programmatically and use
CAML to specify a filter for the alert. This is similar to #1 – instead of
Sharepoint getting the CAML filter from the view, it would get it from your
API call that created the alert.

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