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Ideas for SharePoint Admin documentation/notes

Posted by sharepoinTony on February 13, 2009

I have been trying to determine what method “I LIKE” best for capturing documentation and administration notes.  If anyone out there actually reads this and has ideas, please comment on this topic – I would really like to hear what you do.

My requirements are simple enough: use SharePoint, make it quick and easy for me to document things, make it easy to FIND what I documented or those notes about that widget from 6 months ago, and not cost more than my own effort in setting it up.  The last requirement could change, but this is the list I started with.

So far I have tried setting up a Knowledge Base, a Wiki and a Blog.

Of those I thought I would like the KB because I could easily find Related Articles.  But I found that I didn’t like the way Keywords are used and I couldn’t create a view to sort or group by keyword.  The Wiki became my next effort.  It addresses all of my requirements except ‘easy to find’ due to the lack of keywords, categories, or something to group similar or related content.  My last move was to the blog.  The Categories function better than Keywords found in the KB, but the lack of a “Related Articles ” capability detracts from my mission.  I suppose I can create a specific crawl that may help find things for any one of these options.   Before I put in the effort I thought I would see if anyone else is doing something I like, because that is what best practices is all about.

5 Responses to “Ideas for SharePoint Admin documentation/notes”

  1. Greg O said

    Hi There,

    Just found you blog and read through a few articles. I like the way you write your posts; especially the troubleshooting ones – it’s interesting to see how people go about troubleshooting issues, what their line of thinking is.

    As for capturing admin documentation and notes I prefer to keep it externally from my Sharepoint server. That way if my server goes down I can access my notes on the server configuration, custom solutions etc.

    If I was to keep my notes in Sharepoint I’d definitely go for Wikis – you can easily extend it with your own categories, keywords etc. Perfect tool – especially for capturing unstructured, free-flowing information.

    Regards and keep posting – you’ve got some interesting stuff here.

    • trockwell said

      Thanks for your comments, it is appreciated!

      • Ashwini said

        I would like to use the knowledge base template . I am unable to find the ‘search’ in the Knowledge base template. We can create keywords, but if we want to have a search based on keywords, how do we do that?

      • There isn’t a special search built into the OOTB KB, but you shouldn’t need it. Navigate to your Keywords list, go into Settings, Advanced Settings and make sure that you have “Allow items from this list to appear in search results” set to Yes. When any search within the Knowledge Base site is executed your results should include hits on the keywords. This will let you find both the Keywords in the list and in the articles. If you don’t want the list to show up, then set that value to No and only articles should show up in your search results.

      • Ashwini said

        THanks for your reply.
        I get the following error when I click on Search this Site.
        Your search cannot be completed because this site is not assigned to an indexer.
        I tried assigning the server in the Central Administration. But the option is greyed out.

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