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SharePoint Governance

Posted by sharepoinTony on February 10, 2009

I am likely to write several blogs on this topic, bear with me.  The reason is simple, I am engaged in this topic daily.  Now on to some thoughts.

I recently read an article by Eric Landry which sparked some thought on this topic.  Eric does a great job outlining some critical factors in “achieving and sustaining” a SharePoint environment.

However, I wonder how many senior executives will change THEIR habits and actively sit on a steering committee.  How many will engage with and support subordinates tasked with developing the corporate governance model?  Remain engaged to support and enforce the governance model?  And how many will stick with the SharePoint implementation through arguments and dissenters who don’t want to change or are afraid of change?

If the answer is anything other than “every one of them” your SharePoint success will be limited at best.

I wonder how many of Mr. Landry’s readers can reply with that answer to my questions.  My cynical side cries out ‘not many’, but my pure-of-heart SharePoint side prays for answers of ‘most’.  I want SharePoint to succeed.  I have seen many technologies and initiatives go by the wayside not because they had faults beyond their benefits, but because ‘corporate America’ refused to engage fully.

Executives have busy schedules.  Executives are paid big bucks for their decisions.  Executives are not known for their willingness to change their own behavior.  Nor are they generally open to embrace something completely that they aren’t fully certain will result in success.  Selling executives on SharePoint, teaching SharePoint to executives, and painting a picture that allows executives to believe in SharePoint is what is needed.  Exactly how that is done in your environment I can’t say, but I thank Eric Landry for supplying us with one excellent weapon to use in this battle.

One Response to “SharePoint Governance”

  1. Eric Landry said

    Hi Tony,

    I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment. How many out there are actually doing this?? In my experience, very few implementations can feature such cross-functionally engaged model. The model I outlined was the best-in-class I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve been doing this intranet portal thing for over 10 years. It *was* a struggle to keep all pillars engaged. I had a similar experience at a mutual fund company where I worked. A highly engaged president who *got* information management and he leaned on the executive to deliver. Our result was a top-10 intranet in north america award from Jacob Neilson at Note that it wasn’t a Sharepoint implementation. My point being, technology is not the problem, SharePoint’s a beautiful thing and does what we know it needs to do. I love it. It’s people, process and above all a commitment to sustaining quality. Keep the faith, bang the drum. Some will listen. Cheers, Eric Landry

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